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August 21, 2011
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Sonmina- I Took the Bullet by MoonlightVegas Sonmina- I Took the Bullet by MoonlightVegas
A Sonmina drawing, there isn't a lot out there sadly.
Anyways, I tried a new coloring style again XD

I love Sonmina so much, better than most pairings out there in my opinion, I wrote an entire overview of Sonmina on my old account Im gonna paste it here~~

Sonmina, and why I think its better than Sonamy and Sonally.

Let me start off by saying Mina is an official ARCHIE COMICS character, she is not canon to anything but the comics, Sonmina was canon for some issues, before Sally took over again, which I will be getting into.

Mina Mongoose, A description of her personality from a Sonic Wiki~~
~~Initially, Mina was depicted as shy and lacking in confidence. She was often somewhat depressed, as she had recently lost her mother to roboticization, and at a time considered letting herself be captured and roboticized so as to at least be with her. Eventually as she settled in Knothole, she became more cheerful, making friends and helping take care of a trio of orphans, and when her mother's free will was restored, Mina's mood improved greatly. As she developed a crush on Sonic, she remained shy but began to expand her abilities and become a bit more outgoing, hoping only to impress him, but eventually realized her methods were misguided. When it comes to love, she's passionate but somewhat conflicted and oblivious. She was unaware of the relationship between Sonic and Sally and, upon realizing their feelings for each other, suffered tremendous heartbreak. Deep down Mina is rather brave, having repeatedly put herself in danger for the sake of others, though she doesn't always handle pressure well. Despite her emotional hardships, Mina's confidence grew as her musical ability became apparent, and she developed into a happy, highly energetic individual with a heroic heart, using her singing talents to inspire hope, confidence and improved morale to the masses.~~

People often compare Mina to Amy, she is nothing like Amy to any extent.
Mina was a very scared little girl, her parents were gone, and she almost got robotized herself, Sonic saved her life, and wasn't in love with him automatically, but it grew as she was around him. Whereas, Amy was automatically attracted to him randomly in Sonic CD, and Sally, yeah they have been friends since kids so I guess you can say it grew slowly, but they were already flirting as kids **Read Sonic Genesis when they were 10** So it was automatic.
Mina grew interest slowly, not moving too quickly.
Mina is also really brave, and outgoing, but she ONLY shows it around Sonic, who obviously gives her a confidence boost.
Unlike Sally and Amy, Mina HAS a life and history that could be compared to Sonic, she relates to him closer than I'm sure Sally or Amy ever could.
Mina GENUILY cares for Sonic, and while she often shows her excitement with him in the form of a hug or a high five, those are both normal interactions, and Mina also wasn't trying to force Sonic into a relationship.
Amy constantly makes huge assumptions that Sonic was SUPPOSED to go on a date with her or that Sonic was SUPPOSED to take her out somewhere, not to mention she constantly tries to stop him from going anywhere unless he entertains her some way. If that isn't forcing a relationship I don't know what is.
Then there is Sally, who doesn't necessarily force it, but she tries to make it seem harder than it actually is. Sonic supposedly "died " and when he returned, she was happy, but decided to turn it into an issue that he chose the world and millions of lives over her, which was the cause of the slap.
Most Sonally fans use the argument that she was going through a lot of emotional turmoil and her actions weren't being controlled. That may be true, but that isn't an excuse.
Mina's parents were taken away, she almost got robotized, Sonic unintentionally broke her heart when she chose Sally over her, and she took a bullet to the heart JUST to make Sonic happy,
Yet, when Sonic decides to save to world and you have a hissy fit because he chose to do his job as a hero over you, do you really expect me to be sympathizing over you?
And then the argument that Sonic would be slowed down if he was in a relationship with anyone, well if you ask me, maybe Sally and Amy WOULD slow him down, but Mina has an amount of super speed like Sonic, do you really think Mina would slow Sonic down?
I don't, as shy and quiet as Mina is, she likes action and being in some form of attention even if it is a little. I'm sure is Mina and Sonic were to be together, Mina wouldn't slow Sonic down, or at least TRY to figure out what makes him tick so she could adapt.
Another thing, Mina is a determined character, she had her ups and downs but she still manages to continue on confidently.
Now every girl with a crush may occasionally "stalk" who they like, it NORMAL, don't tell me those of you who have a crush don't secretly follow him/her around occasionally, even if it's at least once.
Amy goes a little far with that. She makes it obvious and threatens Sonic when something in her plans didn't go her way.
Mina DID occasionally follow Sonic around, but it was nothing to the extent Amy goes to, it was just for admiration purposes and the fear of actually talking to him herself.
And one more topic,
Mina took a BULLET TO THE HEART for Sonic,
Those of you who are reading this and are like "Yeah then she came back to life Mary Sue, and taking a bullet for someone is always done its getting old."
STEP AWAY FROM YOUR MARY SUE LOGIC FOR A SECOND PLEASE, honestly, yall can find anything Mary Sueish about a character, HER TAKING THE BULLET WASN'T EVEN ANNOYING, would you rather her have just stood there and let Sally die? Then yall would've been calling her a jerk.
Mina took a bullet to keep Sonic happy, the proclaimed her love to him as she started to die. When she was in the hospital room Sally asked if she would be okay, all she could say was that she would get over it.
I still can't get over it.
After all of that, after trying her hardest, after being as brave as her fragile heart could be,
"Oh I'll get over it..."


Mina sacrificed what she could for Sonic, Sonic inspired her to start singing, Mina almost DIED for Sonic, and then she is just ignored.
Mina is such an underused and lovely character it makes me sad.
Now yes, Mina did get a boyfriend named Ash, who I honestly have no problem with, but honestly, Ash was only MADE to be Mina's boyfriend, he was a character thrown in the comics so the readers could forget about Mina quicker and get back to loving Sonally. THEN somehow Mina ended up with Tails, which again doesn't really anger me but...WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN THAT? It's confusing an 8 and 15 year old; I don't know :/

Sonmina was one of those little, cute, pairings that I wish would continue but I know for a fact Archie wont :/
Sonmina is also one of those pairings with fewer haters, mainly because there isn't anything you can really dislike about it :/
Unless you're a Sonwhatever fan and can't support Sonic with anyone else but that one girl : /

You can like more than one Sonic pairing you know that right? No one is stopping you; give Sonmina a chance at least.

If you decide to comment, be reasonable, and give me reasons why you agree or disagree.

This is not meant to anger any Sonamy, Sonally, or Sonanything fans, It is just my debate.

Thank you for taking the time to read.


Sonic X Mina Group :iconrapid-hearts: Please Join if you agreed at all with my debate, Lets spread Sonmina around and introduce the less known pairing to everyone ^^

Original [link]§ion=&global=1&q=Sonmina+better#/d421oz9

Not much to say about this other than yes there is blood where her heart is, which is where the bullet was taken.

Hope you like it ^^ Questions in the comments ^^

Mina Mongoose belongs to Archie
Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to SEGA and The Sonic Team
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Youbetterstop Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
I love this couple so flipping much! Step aside Sonamy, Ashmina, and Manic x Mina, here comes Sonmina!
AngeltheHedgehog14 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014
Hello I was wondering if I could put this in a music video I`m making. I will make sure to credit you ^^
MoonlightVegas Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Sure! Be sure to link me to the video when it's done! ouo
SonicloverAmy Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
Oh, and this : « After all of that, after trying her hardest, after being as brave as her fragile heart could be,
"Oh I'll get over it..." »

SonicloverAmy Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
I really like SonMina even if SonAmy is my OTP (but SonMina is 2nd !). To me, Sonic goes perfectly with Amy or Mina : Amy is energic, full of kindness, funny and loving ; Mina is shy, brave, determined and really gentle. Sonic needs a girlfriend like one of them, because he respects a lot of these qualities and can show some tenderness for some of them (Amy's hug and jokes about marriage are funny and makes her sweet, and Mina shyness towards Sonic is just adorable). And neither of Amy and Mina slow him down : Mina is a Mongoose, so she is really speed ; and Amy chase always Sonic without being outdistanced (a little, but not too much).
Sally... Well, I like her too but she doesn't have the qualities that Sonic may search, plus she slow him down. She is not for Sonic. That's it.
Blazethecatfan03 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I love mina!!!
Pinkiepiethehedgehog Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Student Filmographer
awww shes cute!! :D
MoonlightVegas Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you! ^^
MayuraTH Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
I agree! Mina meant something to me growing up. TT.TT don't compare her to Amy! TY TY
SonicLadiesMan11 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I wouldn't care if those people who call Mina a mary Sue got those their entire body vored by Gustave and their dick gets blow off. [link] I'm sorry MV but I really wanted to express my hate on a whole bunch of people who just don't care about great characters and that they just call them those names. Very sorry for scaring you for life with that youtube vid their.
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